FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How can I place an order?

Do the rims have to be spoked out to attach the wheel stickers?

  • No, the rim does not have to be spoked out. Our stickers with integrated spoke holes are already designed and cut in such a way that they can simply be placed around the spokes and glued on without removing the spokes.

Do the rims / wheels have to be removed to attach the stickers?

  • No, the wheels do not necessarily have to be removed to attach the stickers. It is easier when the wheels are removed, but it also works directly on the motorcycle.

Can I order different lettering / designs for front and back wheel? If so, would it cost extra?

  • Yes, you can also order different lettering / designs for front and back wheels from our standard selection at no extra charge. Individual designs or additional stickers (e.g. two large stickers per rim) cost an extra charge.

Can I also order an individual lettering or an individual design?

  • Yes, we can also create an individual lettering or design for you. However, this costs a flat fee of 20 euros per sticker set.

The stickers do not stick well. What can I do?

  • A temperature of at least 12 ° C is required for sticking on our wheel stickers, but room temperature (> 20 ° C) is optimal.
  • Furthermore, the rims must be cleaned and degreased very thoroughly before sticking in order to guarantee optimal result. Even if the rims look clean at first glance, they are usually not. Especially with the rear wheel, e.g. there are splashes of chain grease or chain spray on the rim, which you usually don’t see at first glance. This affects the adhesive strength very much and must be cleaned thoroughly.
  • After cleaning, make absolutely sure that there are no residues of cleaning agents. Because this can also severely impair the adhesive force, so that the stickers will not hold properly. After cleaning, be sure to wipe with clean water and a clean cloth or rag.
  • Warming by a hair dryer may also be helpful.

How can the rims be cleaned and degreased?

  • All common cleaning agents can be used to clean the rims. After the coarse dirt has been removed, the rims should definitely be degreased. For this, e.g. a simple glass cleaner or silicone remover can be used. It is important, however, that in the end there are no residues of the cleaning agent left.

I have damaged one or more stickers. Can I reorder them individually?

  • Yes, individual stickers can easily be reordered. In the event of incorrect bonding, we can even offer this to you at a reduced price.

I really like your wheel stickers, but they are a little too expensive for me. Do you also offer discounts on the stickers?

  • If you order a complete sticker set, we can offer you a discount if you agree that half of the striping stickers contain our advertising.
  • Otherwise you can ask us for a discount when ordering several sticker sets.